Forex Regular Settings - Balance Analysis

PLEASE NOTE: The settings supplied by the optimization service and monitoring accounts are not Expert4x recommended settings or meant to guarantee positive results. They contain additional information (equity charts etc) that a trader can take into account when deciding which settings to use. In the end, it is the trader's responsibility to decide which settings to use. There is no guarantee that what worked in the past will work in the future as the Forex and Index markets can change from time to time and they are unpredictable. Any settings need to be proven to create positive results using demo accounts before applied to live accounts.

All Results:
EASettings OptionsDateBasisProfitLink
7-EdgeTradingRobotGeneral2020.07.01 - 2021.07.01Fixed Lots45,815.75Link
DailyPivotGeneral2020.07.01 - 2021.07.01Fixed Lots17,705.46Link
DivergenceTraderGeneral2020.07.01 - 2021.07.01Fixed Lots2,621.00Link
GoodVibrationsTraderIINormal Entry2020.07.01 - 2021.07.01Fixed Lots5,006.05Link
GoodVibrationsTraderIIReverse Entry2020.07.01 - 2021.07.01Fixed Lots4,431.15Link
MagicMAGeneral2020.07.01 - 2021.07.01Fixed Lots3,311.25Link
MakeMoneyGeneral2020.07.01 - 2021.07.01Fixed Lots48,012.25Link
MovingAverageMultiplierBB Bounce2020.07.01 - 2021.07.01Fixed Lots17,860.90Link
MovingAverageMultiplierBB Trend2020.07.01 - 2021.07.01Fixed Lots10,904.90Link
MovingAverageMultiplierBB Trend Bounce2020.07.01 - 2021.07.01Fixed Lots17,400.25Link
MovingAverageMultiplierMA Trend2020.07.01 - 2021.07.01Fixed Lots6,705.84Link
PowerPunchGeneral2020.07.01 - 2021.07.01Fixed Lots6,005.61Link
RSIEnvelopeTraderEnv2020.07.01 - 2021.07.01Fixed Lots4,619.14Link
RSIEnvelopeTraderRSI Hook2020.07.01 - 2021.07.01Fixed Lots2,354.26Link
RSIEnvelopeTraderRSI Hook Env2020.07.01 - 2021.07.01Fixed Lots2,236.77Link
RSIEnvelopeTraderRSI OB OS2020.07.01 - 2021.07.01Fixed Lots3,590.94Link
RSIEnvelopeTraderRSI OB OS Env2020.07.01 - 2021.07.01Fixed Lots3,282.08Link
RSITrendlineTraderGeneral2020.07.01 - 2021.07.01Fixed Lots6,848.83Link
TheTimeOfDayHedgingEAGeneral2020.07.01 - 2021.07.01Fixed Lots50,318.70Link
theTradeableADXMulti Entry2020.07.01 - 2021.07.01Fixed Lots52,867.85Link
theTradeableADXSingle Entry2020.07.01 - 2021.07.01Fixed Lots11,870.03Link
theTradeableMACDGeneral2020.07.01 - 2021.07.01Fixed Lots7,147.62Link
theTradeableRSIGeneral2020.07.01 - 2021.07.01Fixed Lots49,257.90Link
WeekendGapTraderGeneral2020.07.01 - 2021.07.01Fixed Lots668.05Link